Thursday, November 19, 2015

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is a fabulous website by the BBC. Among its many resources there is a Youtube Channel  full of explanations about grammar, vocabulary and other aspects of English. The video I'm sharing today, for example, explains how to use some linking words. This should help you with your compositions.


A continent of rubbish

We're learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 2nd Year of Bachillerato. It's a huge sea of plastic in the middle of the Pacific ocean and it causes a lot of environmental damage. It's quite unbelievable how polluted this planet is getting!

As a complement, we have also watched a TED conference by Charles Moore, the man who discovered it and who is fighting to make things better for our oceans. You can choose the language of the subtitles.

You can find more information about Charles Moore and his foundation at More on the life of plastic: