Monday, March 2, 2009

Class pictures

Dawoud Bey is an American photographer and a professor of photography at Columbia College, Chicago. He was born in Queens (New York City). One of his specialities is making photographies of teenagers. On his site,, you can find many examples of his work. Today we are going to focus on his most recent work, Class Pictures, which was reviewed by Time Magazine. Each of the picture has a few sentences about what the subjects think that defines them -- their personality, interests, family or everyday life. Follow the link to answer these questions. You can work in groups and use the dictionary:

  1. Why does Simone think she's part of a minority?
  2. Why does Kevin think his father's death had a positive side?
  3. What does Ziarra want to study when she's older? Why?
  4. What is Austin's favourite sport?
  1. Is Danny always outgoing and outspoken?
  2. What did Marieke do at dinner when she liked a book?
  3. What does Omar think people notice first when they look at him?
  4. How has Christopher's cancer changed his personality?

  1. Does Sarah think being "Normal" is important?
  2. What's special about Jordan's family?
  3. What attitude does Isabel hate?
  4. What motivates Rasec?
  1. How many languages does Usha speak?
  2. Does Alejandro want to have a brother or a sister?
  3. When is Robert getting married?
  4. What does Shalanta want to study when she's older? Why?

As an extra work, you can take a picture of yourself and write a text about it.