Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Bob Marley song

We have listened in class to
Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. It's a very simple, easy to follow song. You can find the lyrics in many places over the internet, for example here. You can listen to the song below:

Here are some facts about Bob Marley. Three of them are false. Which ones do you think are the false ones?

1.Some people think he's the prophet of a religion called Rastafarianism.
2.He's the grandfather of Beyonce Knowles.
3.His father was white, and some people treated him badly for this reason.
4.He died of foot cancer.
5.He could play 9 different instruments.
6.He had 13 children.
7.He was awarded the Peace Medal of the Third world by the United Nations.
8.He is Jamaican, but he was born in Ethiopia.

(Hint: try looking at the Wikipedia article on Bob Marley)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sing and complain

It all began when two Finnish artists,Telervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, realized people put a lot of energy into complaining. There is an expression in Finnish, "Valituskuoro", that literally means Complaint's choir. The two artists thought it would be interesting to make that expression a reality. They started in the city of Birmingham. The members of the Choir collected their complaints about everyday life and then put music to it. Soon, the Complaint's choir became a worldwide phenomenon. There are Complaints Choirs in Birmingham, Helsinki, Hamburg, St. Petersburg, Jerusalem, Melbourne and many places more. You can see the full choir list and other videos at the website, as well as the full history of the choirs.

Here is the Canadian example -- don't worry, the song has subtitles!

What things would you complain about?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Before we watch Nightmare before Christmas

I think it would be nice that you listen to one of the songs of the film. The song on the video is a more animated version by the singer of the rock band Fall Out Boy

Here are the lyrics of the song. Remember you can look up any word you don't understand at the Wordreference dictionary.

What's this? What's this?
There's color everywhere.
What's this?
There's white things in the air.
What's this?
I can't believe my eyes.
I must be dreaming.
Wake up, Jack, this isn't fair.
What's this?

What's this? What's this?
There's something very wrong.
What's this?
There's people singing songs.

What's this?
The streets are lined with,
Little creatures laughing.
Everybody seems so happy.
Have I possibly gone daffy?
What is this?
What's this?

There's children throwing snowballs,
Instead of throwing heads.
They're busy building toys,
And absolutely no one's dead.

There's frost on every window.
Oh, I can't believe my eyes.
And in my bones I feel the warmth,
That's coming from inside.

Oh, look.
What's this?
They're hanging mistletoe, they kiss.
Why that looks so unique, inspired.
They're gathering around to hear a story.
Roasting chestnuts on a fire.
What's this?

What's this?
In here they've got a little tree, how queer.
And who would ever think?
And why?

They're covering it with tiny little things.
They've got electric lights on strings,
And there's a smile on everyone.
So, now, correct me if I'm wrong.
This looks like fun.
This looks like fun.
Oh, could it be I got my wish?
What's this?

Oh my, what now?
The children are asleep,
But look, there's nothing underneath.
No ghouls, no witches here to scream and scare them,
Or ensnare them.
Only little cozy things,
Secure them in their dreamland.
What's this?

The monsters are all missing,
And the nightmares can't be found.
And in their place there seems to be,
Good feeling all around.

Instead of screams, I swear,
I can hear music in the air.
The smell of cakes and pies,
Are absolutely everywhere.

The sights, the sounds,
They're everywhere and all around.
I've never felt this good before.
This empty place inside me has been filling up.
I simply cannot get enough.

I want it, oh, I want it.
Oh, I want it for my own.
I've got to know.
I've got to know.
What is this place that I have found?
What is this?

Fall Out Boy - What's This? (Nightmare Before Christmas Cover) Lyrics

Question: At which point in the film do you think this happens? (Leave your answer in a comment)

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